Slaughterhouse Princess

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Prom Night 2

It's time for one of our favorite things, watching a sequel to a movie even though we never watched the first one.  Although in fairness, this movie has nothing to do with the first one anyway.

The Wicker Man (1973)

Get ready for a classic film with no Michael Kane, factually accurate salmon, and our continued commitment to not be able to remember the order of events in anything we watch.

Happy Birthday to Me

Grab a rat beer and harness your salamander based electrical as we try to solve the mystery of why this needed to be almost two hours long.


No Troy this time and the movie up is directed by Uwe Boll.  There is definite correlation and very possible causation for when Troy will be "out of town".

Son of Godzilla

We celebrate Father's Day in the only way that seemed right, coincidentally watching a made for TV movie from Japan in 1967 that features the word Son in the title.

Hell House LLC

Get your cameras out and don't stop filming no matter what, it's found footage time.   Will we get treated to a Cannibal Holocaust, or will we have a Paranormal Activity inflicted upon us?  Only time and this podcast will tell.

Bad Blood: The Movie

This time we almost manage to make a podcast that is as long as the movie we watched, thanks to our old friends digressing, self deprecation, and alcohol.


This movie serves as a warning about why you should never take a child's puzzle-based erotica and threaten to burn it.


We were of two minds as we tried to piece together our feelings on this dark comedy by way of Stuart Gordon.


We watched the movie After.Life, not to be confused with the website which seems to be some kind of electro dance outfit.  Not that you would be confused unless you thought this was some kind of website review podcast.