Slaughterhouse Princess

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The Spine Of Night

Channel you inner Bakshi and get ready for magic blooms, nudity, and an almost gratuitous amount of people getting cleaved in two.


It's like Cube, but more French?

The Long Night

It's all deer skull porn and psychic cultists in this touching story of reuniting with your long lost biological parents.

Vivid (2011)

We probably spent more time writing this than the movie's writers did on writing the movie.

The Video Dead

Fire up your smokiest TV, top off your Cutty Sark, and mirror up you doors as several Zombies and one blue guy terrorize the neighborhood.

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama

In case the title didn't make you think this was some prime 80's cinema, Linnea Quigley in a starring role should drive it home.


This movie has something for everyone, provided that something is Clint Howard, military academies, or worshiping Satan.

The Stuff

Welcome to Slaughterhouse Princess episode 400 where we discuss The Stuff, a classic tale of corporate espionage and brain parasites. 

Would You Rather

It should go without saying but never trust a rich person who invites you to their house to take part in a poorly defined event. 


This might be the most pregnant women we've ever seen in a movie for the podcast, since we found that one video...

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