Slaughterhouse Princess

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Bad Blood: The Movie

This time we almost manage to make a podcast that is as long as the movie we watched, thanks to our old friends digressing, self deprecation, and alcohol.


This movie serves as a warning about why you should never take a child's puzzle-based erotica and threaten to burn it.


We were of two minds as we tried to piece together our feelings on this dark comedy by way of Stuart Gordon.


We watched the movie After.Life, not to be confused with the website which seems to be some kind of electro dance outfit.  Not that you would be confused unless you thought this was some kind of website review podcast.

Sleepaway Camp

In what might be a surprise to nobody, this is a slasher movie that takes place at a summer camp.  Don't worry, it has it where it counts.

The Lawnmower Man

The scariest thing about this movie is that the Director's Cut, which we watched, is almost two and a half hours long.  Yikes.

The House That Jack Built

Get your tumblers of straight vodka and frozen pizzas ready, we have a long movie this week. At least we have special guest Bitems on this week to help us get through it.

She Kills

Get ready for more merkins than you can shake a stick at, which in this case is just one.  But it a very pronounced merkin, so that has to count for something.


Get ready for high-ish fantasy and sci-fi's lovechild who has a poor understanding of what a glaive actually is.  We all know the real glaive is the friends you made along the way.

Neon Demon, The

Not to be confused with just any old Neon Demon, this is THE Neon Demon. You can tell because of all the Mountain Pumas.