Slaughterhouse Princess

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The House on Sorority Row

Pig: I'm a sea pig...

Bloody Birthday

To the surprise of no one, Hotlanta picked out this week's film which is in his favorite sub-genre: murder kids and/or kids getting murdered.  Although to be fair, he prefers to watch children do the murdering

Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

We take a look at a movie where everyone can only express themselves through song.  Also something about a barber, murders, and pie, but mostly the singing thing.


This week we take a moment to reflect on whether we could see ourselves acting the same way if we were in that situation.

Masters of Horror

We take a look at two episodes of Masters of Horror, Imprint and Fair Haired Child, instead of one movie.  It should double our chances for something good or something bad, so nothing really changed I guess.

Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story

We take a look at  movie that's based on a YouTube series called Marble Hornets all about The Operator, who is not Slenderman. Although they do go to the same tailor.

Apocalypse Zero

As Anime August draws to a close, we take time to look at a thoughtful rumination on the transient nature of humanity.  Just kidding, it's all punching brains out of heads and bondage monsters.

Vampire Hunter D

We press on through Anime August with a Hotlanta selection so it's bound to be a movie in the most general of terms.

Demon City Shinjuku

For our second week of Anime August we see what happens when you combine inappropriate accents with a non existent plot and just a hint of too much swearing.

Ninja Scroll

We kick off Anime August with a classic tale of a wandering samurai defending the countryside from evil and some real problematic depictions of several things.

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