Slaughterhouse Princess

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Leave that meteor alone and get yourself Adrienne Barbeau drunk as we take a look at this anthology from the team of George Romero and Stephen King.

High Tension

Don't let the title fool you , there are no high voltage power lines in the movie.

Haunt (2019)

Get your spider liquor ready as we head out to a haunted house ran by Jigsaw's cousins, with less games and all murder.

The Hunt

The most dangerous game would've been having someone named Mike organize The Hunt, a Mike Hunt if you will.

Escape Room (2017)

Put on your thinking caps as we try to solve the biggest puzzle of all, why did so many movies based on escape rooms come out at the same time?

Event Horizon

We travel to the edge of the solar system to find the weirdest Goldilocks and the Three Bears adaptation ever put to film.


Dust off your cd-rom drive and get ready for a technological nightmare that only the mid-nineties could produce.


Hotlanta requested the movie this week and it was directed by Uwe Boll, so that's two strikes right off the bat.  Is a strike out, or does it hit it out of the park?

Rocky Horror Picture Show

There's not much we can say about Rocky Horror that hasn't been said, but we're going to try anyway.  God help us all.

Chopping Mall

We remember our former podcast host Robotlanta this week with a movie about his favorite thing, Dick Miller cameos.  It would be pretty weird if it were robots.

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