Slaughterhouse Princess

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Rampage: Capital Punishment

We dip back into the Uwe Boll oeuvre to see what happened to Bill WIlliamson after the first film.  Yes, that is really his name.


Panman, come together with your pans

Save me, I'm together with your pan

The Violent Kind

Get ready for the cinematic equivalent of a potluck dinner as we somehow watch 6 different genres of movie at the same time.


No matter what, and we must stress this, do not crawl headfirst into the giant shell.

The Undertaker and His Pals

We managed to make a podcast that's longer than the movie we watched this week.  Whether or not that's a good thing remains to be seen.

Ready Or Not

Another shining example of why you shouldn't trust anyone who has a house with a dumbwaiter.

Body Bags

It's anthology time this week as we see how many horror directors can be crammed into a single movie.  It's at least 5.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

We take a look at two versions of the second installment of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions to maximize the difficulty of talking about it.

Escape Room (2019)

We take a look at Escape Room (2019) this week, not to be confused with Escape Room (2017), Escape Room: Quest of Fear, No Escape Room, The Escape Room, or Escape from Marwin (AKA Escape Room).

Stir of Echoes

We welcome the New Year by learning why you don't let your kid pick their own babysitter and something about ghosts.

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