Slaughterhouse Princess

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When a movie starts off with a guy digging up his wife to insult her, among other things, you know you are in for a real treat

Slaughterhouse Rulez

In case you were wondering, no, there are no slaughterhouses in this film.  We understand if you are disappointed.


Once there was this girl who
Drew a weird looking house with all kinds of stuff in it
And when she finally went there
She saw a kid whose legs didn't work right
She couldn't quite explain it
And we can't really either


Please let us know what the deal with the insert shots of the trees were about, we legitimately don't know.

The Voyeurs

Finally an erotic thriller that isn't afraid to show the seedy underbelly of the world of Opthametry.  It's about time.


We take a look at the worst tutorial for soldering ever produced and try to unravel the overly complicated lore of one man's quest to kill as many people as possible.

Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter Revisited

We take another look at this film because we just can't say no to our Patreons and definitely not due to forgetting we watched it already.

Army of Frankensteins

No matter what the title of this movie brings to mind, we assure you it's somehow better and worse than that.

Mostly Worse.

Fortress (1992)

In the far off future of 2017 two brave people have unprotected sex which is punishable by being intestinated, which is a real word no matter what spell check tells me.

Fortress (1985)

Ever wonder what a made for TV ozploitation movie would be like?  Join us this week as we find out.

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