Slaughterhouse Princess

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Hairspray (1988)

Stock up on Aqua-Net as we take a trip back in time to the true story about the crowning of Miss Auto Show 1963. Disclaimer: Story might not actually be true.


Have you ever been watching Grease and said, sure this is fun but what if there were more children with criminal records and people named Hatchet-face?  Do we have a movie for you.

Pecke r

We are dedicating this month to the works of John Waters.  Also we had to name the episode Pecke r because we couldn't title it Pecker.  How fun.

Centipede Horror

We know the title seems like it's pretty straightforward but believe you me, this movie has a few surprises up its many, many sleeves.

Fright Night (1985)

We're not saying that you should be creepy peeping on your neighbors, but it is a good way to find out if they're vampires, or at least if they own a coffin.

Willy‘s Wonderland

Crack open a Punch Pop and keep your mop stick handy as we recount the tale of The Janitor one fateful day. 

The Changeling (1980)

All I really want at this point is to know what the giant metal cone was for.  It doesn't seem like too much to ask.


Shine up your saddle shoes and confront your growing feelings about your brother-in-law as we watch Park Chan-Wook's debut film in the States.

Oldboy (2003)

We don't normally say this, but if you have any interest in seeing this movie, do it before listening to this episode.  It's better going in cold.  Like revenge!

A Quiet Place Part II

Grab your baby box and a spare oxygen tank, it's time for another installment of watching movies out of chronological order.

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