Slaughterhouse Princess

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Bio Zombie

Starring Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin, this is the tale of two slackers who, while looking for a bathroom, get locked inside a sealed self-contained ecosystem for a year.  Wait, that's Bio-Dome. This one had zombies.

American Psycho 2

We would say this is clearly cashing in on the American Psycho name, but that implies that this movie made any money.


We tread lightly this episode so we won't cause first time requestor and long time friend Mr. Brown to retire his listener status.


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, a lesson that we find to be true as we let Brett pick a movie again.  Will we never learn.

Don’t Panic

While attending Dismember the Alamo, Troy came across this masterwork that just screamed bonky donkey to him, so we just had to see it right away.  Or he had already watched 4 movies in the last 24 hours and needed a break.  Either way, dinosaur pajamas.

The Lost Boys

Remember a time where anything anybody was wearing in this movie was considered "hip" or "cool" or "ok to wear in pubic".  We do.  The 80's sure were a time.

Also, sorry for the sound, Troy wasn't here to tell us.

Tomie Unimited

We return with a double request for a Tomie movie.  We went with this one because it was easy to find.  We wish we looked more.

Tag (2015)

Finally, a movie that isn't afraid to take Troy down a peg.  One.  Whole.  Peg.


We take another trip into the world of "horror comedy" thanks to friend of several podcasts Christian LeBlanc.  Does Gravy really make everything better?  Listen and find out.

Dead Alive

Before Peter Jackson made movies about other people's stories featuring heavy use of New Zealand landscape porn, he made one of the most splattery gore movies ever.  Does it still live up to the hype?  Lets find out, together.