Slaughterhouse Princess

Slaughterhouse Princess header image 1


Tom Selleck stars in this surprisingly accurate portrayal of a future full of robots and other robot adjacent technologies.  And I wonder, I wa wa wa wa wonder how many other stars you might recognize.


We tackle our first Indian movie this week and learn that you shouldn't interrupt two cobras in the midst of snake-based lovemaking.  You would think we wouldn't need to learn that.

The Pit

Canada serves us up this tale of hole monsters and wildly inappropriate expressions of puberty in ways only the 1980's could provide.


Stop me if you've heard this one, a group of people find themselves trapped in the woods being picked off by a possibly supernatural killer.  But what sets this one apart is ... I don't know, Tony Todd? 


We watch the eighth part of the Saw franchise this week in the time honored tradition of not watching movie series in chronological order. At least we started with the first one this time.


Grab some garlic and cover your living room in gaudy wallpaper as we a look at one of George Romero's hidden gems this thanks to Dummyact.


Real cousin Brett (two legged bringer of destruction) has us take a look at this Argento flick that proves our long held belief that nothing good comes from books.

Mum and Dad

We accidentally watch a movie that features Christmas right before the Holiday Season is upon us.  Thanks Mr. Green for the save.


In an uncharacteristic move, we are going to say up front, watch this movie before you listen to this episode.  This movie is better without spoilers.

Bio Zombie

Starring Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin, this is the tale of two slackers who, while looking for a bathroom, get locked inside a sealed self-contained ecosystem for a year.  Wait, that's Bio-Dome. This one had zombies.