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Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter Revisited

We take another look at this film because we just can't say no to our Patreons and definitely not due to forgetting we watched it already.


We watch the eighth part of the Saw franchise this week in the time honored tradition of not watching movie series in chronological order. At least we started with the first one this time.

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

Finally, someone made a movie that addresses the question that we, as a society have struggled with for years.  What would Jesus do?  Kill vampires and sing the occasional musical number, it appears.

John Dies at the End

Will Troy manage to break his streak of falling asleep during this movie?  Will we forget to credit Mike for this week's request?  Will Chris be able to remember the name of any of the characters?  We answer these questions and more this week.

Jack Frost

In honor of the holiday season, we watched a movie with a serial killer who gets turned into a snowman by science.  Fun fact:  There was no snow used in the making of this film, but there was a carrot used very inappropriately.

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