Slaughterhouse Princess

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When the fact that the title of the movie isn't shown until about 48 minutes in ranks as one of the least weird things about a movie, you're in for quite a ride.

Hell Comes to Frogtown

This week our movie is light on horror, but heavy on anthropomorphic frogs and inseminating as many women as possible as demanded by the government.

Harbinger Down

This week we get the long awaited mashup of The Thing and Deadliest Catch, with a little bit of Titanic mixed in for the ladies.

The House by the Cemetery

We dive into some Fulci this week with a recommendation from a new face, Jason.  He said he liked the cut of our jibs, how could we refuse.  Also, everyone welcome Mr. Greene to the Slaughterhouse Princess family as well. He'll be our new reddit mod/twitterer/all around helpful chap.

Head of the Family

If you only see one movie about giant headed evil scientists that are wheelchair bound and have a tendency to be total smartasses this year, make it this one.

House (1977)

We ring new year with an interesting one.  It was treated to a Criterion release, so it's totally art and not just a 90 minute fever dream of a movie.


We have a movie full of drinking, fighting, infidelity, blasphemy, drug use, and demon possession.  If being a priest in real life was this fun, we'd all sign up.

The Hills Have Eyes

In honor of Wes Craven we look at one of his earlier works.  It makes you rethink the idea of a family road trip through the desert/military testing site with only two guns.

The Hunger

This movie has something for everyone. There's David Bowie playing a vampire, a guy roller dancing, and a monkey death match.  Still not convinced?  How about Willem Dafoe in his defining role as 2nd Phone Booth Youth.  One of those has to interest you at least a little bit.

The Human Centipede (Full Sequence)

The Human Centipede is back.  Be amazed at the new longer centipede.  Wonder why its shot in black and white.  Become upset that you will never get those 88 minutes back after watching it.