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Hideshi Hino’s Theater of Horror

Funny story, turns out this is a series of six movies, so we picked the two that really spoke to us to watch. By spoke to us, We mean the ones available on YouTube.

He Never Died

Standing here like a loaded gun, waiting to go off.  We've got nothing to do but shoot our mouths off

How to be a Serial Killer

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the lack of puns we made this week based on the fact that cereal and serial are homophones in this week's episode.  It will never happen again.


A retelling of the classic deal with the devil story in the same vein as Faust , The Devil's Advocate, and The Transformers: The Movie.  Now featuring a solid 75% to 85% more heart shaped bitrhmarks.


When the fact that the title of the movie isn't shown until about 48 minutes in ranks as one of the least weird things about a movie, you're in for quite a ride.

Hell Comes to Frogtown

This week our movie is light on horror, but heavy on anthropomorphic frogs and inseminating as many women as possible as demanded by the government.

Harbinger Down

This week we get the long awaited mashup of The Thing and Deadliest Catch, with a little bit of Titanic mixed in for the ladies.

The House by the Cemetery

We dive into some Fulci this week with a recommendation from a new face, Jason.  He said he liked the cut of our jibs, how could we refuse.  Also, everyone welcome Mr. Greene to the Slaughterhouse Princess family as well. He'll be our new reddit mod/twitterer/all around helpful chap.

Head of the Family

If you only see one movie about giant headed evil scientists that are wheelchair bound and have a tendency to be total smartasses this year, make it this one.

House (1977)

We ring new year with an interesting one.  It was treated to a Criterion release, so it's totally art and not just a 90 minute fever dream of a movie.

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