Slaughterhouse Princess

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Willy‘s Wonderland

Crack open a Punch Pop and keep your mop stick handy as we recount the tale of The Janitor one fateful day. 

Werewolf of Washington

Politics and werewolves, together at last, the way nature intended.


This week's film comes from friend of the podcast and one third of the Horrorshow Hot Dog Trifecta Matt.  Is this a quality recommendation or is it out of spite?  Listen and find out.

The Wicker Man (1973)

Get ready for a classic film with no Michael Kane, factually accurate salmon, and our continued commitment to not be able to remember the order of events in anything we watch.

Werewolf (Pilot)

We try something a little different this week with a TV pilot.  Like a first episode of a show, not like Steven Weber from Wings.


How many witches could a witchtrap trap if a witchtrap could trap witches?

Where the Dead Go to Die

No . . . just no.

Witching and Bitching

We are treated to an opening with a silver Jesus, SpongeBob, a kid with two revolvers, and several other street performers committing an armed robbery.  If that isn't a good enough reason to keep watching, then all hope for society is lost.

Walled In

What secrets could lie inside the an apartment complex built in a deserted wasteland, aside from why build such a thing in the first place?  Only a demolition expert aided by a slightly gropey teenager and his dog can find out.

When the Screaming Stops

Well actually its The Loreley's Grasp as it turns out.  Either way there's a guy in a sweet leisure suit who has radioactive knives.  

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