Slaughterhouse Princess

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Suicide Club

Why did you come?  Did you come to repair your connection to yourself?  Or did you come to sever that connection?

The Sand

A quick Google search reveals that this might be the only movie that features hot dog throwing as a monster dowsing rod.

Sorority Row

We pay tribute to Carrie Fisher this week by watching a movie she was barely in.  We probably should've picked Scream 3.

Shark Exorcist

We return after weeks of Holidays and technical issues to bring you Shark Exorcist, which sadly, does not feature a shark conducting exorcisms.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

You might not like this movie, but even if you don't you still have to give it up for having the best name for a strip club possibly ever.


If you had to sum up this movie in one word, it would be Coprophilia.  Don't Google that in mixed company or at work.

Scream of Fear

We keep wheelchair month rolling along with some good old fashioned Hammer Horror featuring Christopher Lee.  It also has one of the worst taglines we've seen since the podcast started.


We take on a vampire movie this week thanks to our friend from the North, Mr. Green.  It stands as a reminder that just because you are a good musician doesn't mean you're a good actor.

Silver Bullet

We wrap up werewolf month with Silver Bullet.  Please feel free to insert your own joke about Coors Light here, it won't slow you down.


After 85 episodes, we learned a few things here at Slaughterhouse Princess.  One thing we learned is that when your "movie" has three to five poop jokes before the fifteen minute mark, you are probably in trouble.  Especially when the "movie" is a based on real life events and the American health care system.