Slaughterhouse Princess

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From the folks who brought you Tokyo Gore Police comes the story of a cyborg geisha assassin who turns away from her evil ways and finds redemption through the power of sisterly love and butt swords. 

Return to Blood Fart Lake

Like with most sequels, everything is bigger and better this time.  More dance offs, more wheelchairs, more fake ding-dongs, and more annoying chick that thinks it's the twenties.

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

We dive back into some exploitation this week with Riki-Oh.  Its crazy, violent, and almost impossible to follow.  And that is why we love it.

Repo! The Genetic Opera

The gangs all here this week, and we decide to try another musical horror movie.  Extra bonus points to anyone that knows what the first one was.


If you see only one movie this year about handcuffing your childhood friend to a water pipe due to his meth addiction, make it this one.

Ringu V.S. The Ring

Which version of the Ring is the best?  There is only one way to find out, and it involves drinking and regret.


We have Ringu for you this time around.  The Japanese inspiration for the US film The Ring.  Is it better, worse, or subtitled?  Only listening will let you know for sure.

The Ring

Have you ever been worried that a VHS tape could kill you?  Well neither have we, but the characters in The Ring sure are concerned about it.

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