Slaughterhouse Princess

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Psycho Goreman

Lace up your Crazyball shoes and get ready for the 8th best dress up montage ever set to film.

Pass Thru

Editor's Note:  Things got a bit out of hand this week so maybe don't listen to this around anyone.


Once there was this girl who
Drew a weird looking house with all kinds of stuff in it
And when she finally went there
She saw a kid whose legs didn't work right
She couldn't quite explain it
And we can't really either

Parasite (2019)

Grab yourself a tall glass of plum extract and hide the peaches while we discover the pitfalls of nepotism.


Panman, come together with your pans

Save me, I'm together with your pan

Pink Flamingos

We finish our tour of John Waters' films this week with his most, lets say challenging work.  By challenging, we mean gross.

Pecke r

We are dedicating this month to the works of John Waters.  Also we had to name the episode Pecke r because we couldn't title it Pecker.  How fun.

Pet Sematary Two

Finally we get the answer to the question that keeps all of us up at night, does Troy eat the shells?

Pitch Perfect

Troy finally just said 'fuck it.'

The Prophecy: Forsaken

We finish up the Prophecy franchise with the final chapter.  Does it stick the landing or was it a case of trying to ice skate uphill?  Whatever happens, at least Tony Todd was there.

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