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Oldboy (2003)

We don't normally say this, but if you have any interest in seeing this movie, do it before listening to this episode.  It's better going in cold.  Like revenge!

Over Your Dead Body

This was directed by Takashi Miike who also directed Yakuza Apocalypse and Audition.  This movie sure isn't either of those.


We welcome Troy back this week as we take a look at Oculus.  Get it, it's funny cause oculus means eye in Latin and I wrote look.  Jokes are hard.

Odd Thomas

Some people might argue that this movie isn't really a horror movie.  To them, we ask, what about all the ghosts, transparent fish monsters, and portals to Hell?  Between that and Willem Dafoe, your arguement is invalid.


Our new friend Mr. Troy is here to join us as we dive in to Orphan.  We learned many life lessons in this movie such as kids are kinda dicks, you can kill a bird with a paintball gun, and that CCH Pounder might have the coolest name ever.

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