Slaughterhouse Princess

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It: Chapter 2

We take a trip back to Derry to finish the It reboot.  We would have done it sooner, but we didn't remember anything about it until a librarian called us.

The Ice Pirates

We finish up October with a classic tale of space pirates, time warps, and supposedly space opossums.  If you see any space opossums, please let us know.  We really wnat to see space opossums.

Ice Cream Man

It's Clint Howard all the way down as we take a trip in our ice cream truck to check out the world's least secure mental hospital.

It (1990)

We take the easy way out this week by watching half a movie that's almost the same as a movie we already watched, all while sounding like robots. Hooray for technical issues!

It (2017)

We take a look at the second most upsetting thing you could find in a sewer, after C.H.U.D.S. of course.

I Saw the Devil

In what might be a first, we had two people request the same movie.  Does that make it really good, or really bad?  Listen and find out.

It Follows

This week we watched It Follows, which started as a rejected tourism video for the Detroit chamber of commerce.

Island of Death

Desperation, understanding.  Destination, never ending.  Get the sword.

Ichi the Killer

We dive into some Japanese exploitation this time around.  It involves a sadomasochistic Yakuza boss and a guy who spends equal time crying and getting aroused by killing people.  It's that kind of movie.


Troy makes his return this week just in time for a movie recommended by Horrorshow Hot Dog.  Well, not recommended to as much as inflicted on us.

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