Slaughterhouse Princess

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The Girl With All The Gifts

Grab a snack cat and start chattering your teeth in anticipation for a Brett recommended movie this week.  Which isn't normally a good thing.

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

Strap on your Go Pro and head down to the underwear tree as we take a look at some Korean found footage.  Will it be pretty good, like Rec, or pretty bad, like Rec?

Ghost Story

It's a movie starring Fred Astaire and the Borg Queen and also there are ghosts.

The Gore Gore Girls

Need more of a 70's era Tom and Jerry vibe from your murder movie?  Well you're in luck this week.

The Gallows: Act 2

The Gallows: Act 2, now with 90% less found footage than traditional The Gallows.

The Gallows

Hang around as we do our best to give you some gallows humor this week.


I'll show myself out.


We take another trip into the world of "horror comedy" thanks to friend of several podcasts Christian LeBlanc.  Does Gravy really make everything better?  Listen and find out.

Green Room

We have a special guest this week who brings her distinct views about punk rock music, as well as people who may or may not be at the front door.  Please welcome to the podcast, Leia.

Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed

The hardest part about being a Canadian werewolf is always having to say you're sorry, with seeing your sister's ghost after you killed her a being close second.

‘Gator Bait

It's a short one this week as we take a trip to the bayou and make several unfunny jokes because Troy wasn't here to keep us in check.

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