Slaughterhouse Princess

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Escape Room (2017)

Put on your thinking caps as we try to solve the biggest puzzle of all, why did so many movies based on escape rooms come out at the same time?

Event Horizon

We travel to the edge of the solar system to find the weirdest Goldilocks and the Three Bears adaptation ever put to film.

The Evil In Us

We're treated to a Hotlanta pick this week so get ready for another entry in the "why do we let him keep picking things" series.

The Evil Within

We head down to our secret prohibition era room to discuss the finer points of mirror people and Showbiz Pizza.  Remember The Rock-afire Explosion?

Exte: Hair Extensions

In our quest to educate as well as entertain, we wanted you to know hair fetishism is also known as trichophilia.  You're welcome.

Evil Dead (2013)

Evil Dead weeks draw to a close with the 2013 remake/reboot.  Is it a fitting tribute to the series, or is it another soulless cash grab looking to cash in on brand recognition and nostalgia?  Listen and find out.

Evil Dead 2

Week 2 of our Evil Dead-a-thon is underway and that means it's time for Evil Dead 2.  Part comedy, part horror, part high pressure blood geyser, this movie has something for everyone.


We welcome Troy back and tackle a hard-hitting emotional roller coaster about the complicated interpersonal relationships that we all have.  Just kidding, its about a group of "young people" having a "party" in a cabin until aliens show up and ruin their "fun".

The Exorcist

Our second listener request this week featuring former boxer priests and creepy kids.

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