Slaughterhouse Princess

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Death Race 2050

It's the triumphant return of Brett.  Also, we watch a movie that continues to make it look like we only watch B-Movies, which we don't.

The Devil’s Carnival

We visit the Cirque du So Lame this week with a "horror musical" from the creators of Repo! The Genetic Opera.


We mark our triumphant return to podcasting by watching a movie requested by dummyact with an estimated $6000 budget directed by Bill Zebub.

The Devil’s Rejects

In honor of Brett defying the odds and not dying for another year, we let him pick which request we would watch this week.  After refusing his first choice, he decided on this one.


Dagon is very similar to The Little Mermaid, but with more skinning people, implied mermaid sex, and giant ocean dwelling eldritch horrors.  On second thought, they aren't that alike, really.

Dog Soldiers

No matter what you might hear in this during this podcast, just remember that this is actually episode 90, not 89.  We let you down and we're sorry.

Dead Snow: Red vs Dead

This movie is equal parts violent acts against everyone, from kids to the elderly and lighter comedic moments, like seagull translators and window vomiting.

Disturbing Behavior

This is the most razor movie we've ever seen.  Go forward and get on the bus for brainwashed teens that have only one weakness, becoming aroused.  

Dark Water (2002) VS Dark Water (2005)

Its time for a Dark Water death match, old vs new.  Which Dark Water will emerge the winner?  Only a mature reasoned discussion will get to the bottom of this.

Dark Water (2005)

We're off to New York this week to check out apartments, have teenagers sexually harass people, and deal with lousy apartment managers.  Join us for the American version of Dark Water.

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