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We were out for the Thanksgiving holiday, but you can give thanks we had our crossover episode with the HSHD gents to put up.  Unless you already went to their site and listened, then it just seems lazy.


In honor of Troy's newfound status as an amateur apiarist, we watched the first movie that we could think of involving bees, but not starring Nicolas Cage.

The Collector (1965)

Have you ever thought to yourself, I sure would like to listen to an episode of Slaughterhouse Princess, but it's a little to tawdry to listen to with my kids/parents/cult leader?  Well, thanks to Patreon backer Thomas you can listen to this safe for work episode in mixed company with a minimal amount of shame.

The Cell

This week we were joined by Patreon backer DairyTech in our movie chat.  And to make sure he had buyer's remorse, we let Brett pick the movie, even though we all said we wouldn't let him pick movies anymore.  The real question isn't did he regret it, but how fast did he regret it.


We learn the importance of finishing what you start from a literal murder dad this week.

The Cabin in the Woods

Normally, we won't warn you about spoilers, but this time we have to make an exception.  So spoiler alert, but if you are listening to this podcast, you've probably already seen it


Werewolf month continues with the only werewolf movie with a swearing werewolf that shoots people the finger.  Probably.

Child’s Play

We watched a movie about a doll that kills people because it was possessed by soul transferring voodoo lightning magic.  It sounds kinda dumb when you hear it out loud.

Cannibal Ferox

We go back to the jungle this week for some more exciting cannibal based action.  Also ferox means fierce in Latin, just in case you were curious.

Cannibal Holocaust

We take a look at what might be the first found footage movie.  Does it live up to the hype that surrounds it?  One thing for sure, it's no Nekromantik.

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