Slaughterhouse Princess

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Army of Frankensteins

No matter what the title of this movie brings to mind, we assure you it's somehow better and worse than that.

Mostly Worse.


No matter what, and we must stress this, do not crawl headfirst into the giant shell.


Forget the spiders, why doesn't anyone comment on the city doctor/ country doctor feud?  That's the real scary part.

Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story

We take a look at  movie that's based on a YouTube series called Marble Hornets all about The Operator, who is not Slenderman. Although they do go to the same tailor.

Apocalypse Zero

As Anime August draws to a close, we take time to look at a thoughtful rumination on the transient nature of humanity.  Just kidding, it's all punching brains out of heads and bondage monsters.

A Bucket of Blood

It's more like a skillet of blood, if we're being honest.

Angel Heart

We watched this movie just because Mickey Rooney looks different than he does now.  Really.

As Above, So Below

Have you ever thought to yourself, man Dante's Inferno would be better with a National Treasure subplot.  No?  Just us?  Fair enough.

Anna and the Apocalypse




We watched the movie After.Life, not to be confused with the website which seems to be some kind of electro dance outfit.  Not that you would be confused unless you thought this was some kind of website review podcast.

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