Slaughterhouse Princess

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Green Room

We have a special guest this week who brings her distinct views about punk rock music, as well as people who may or may not be at the front door.  Please welcome to the podcast, Leia.

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

What happens when Sam Raimi has a baby with Troma that gets put up for adoption and gets raised by highly pressurized bags of blood? Aside from a serious need to reform the adoption system, this movie.


A retelling of the classic deal with the devil story in the same vein as Faust , The Devil's Advocate, and The Transformers: The Movie.  Now featuring a solid 75% to 85% more heart shaped bitrhmarks.

Dr. Giggles

We take a request from our number one listener Tod this week, so turn your head and cough, because the doctor is in, mostly due to us not having our apple today.