Slaughterhouse Princess

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The House by the Cemetery

We dive into some Fulci this week with a recommendation from a new face, Jason.  He said he liked the cut of our jibs, how could we refuse.  Also, everyone welcome Mr. Greene to the Slaughterhouse Princess family as well. He'll be our new reddit mod/twitterer/all around helpful chap.

Night of the Living Dead

For our 100th episode, we did something a bit wacky. We recorded us watching Night of the Living Dead. It's our best attempt at a Rifftrax. We hope you enjoy, and thank you all for listening. We can't wait to have another 100 episodes for you.

If streaming video isn't your bag, just start the movie at 3:30 into the podcast. You can even listen to the audio track like a regular podcast.


This movie was based on a true story,the first sign that a movie is probably not going to go well.

Friday the 13th Part 2

As alternative mobility month draws to a close, we wrap it up with an entry in a classic series.  As an interesting side note, we have never reviewed the first Friday the 13th.  Oversight or just poor planning?  You be the judge.