Slaughterhouse Princess

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Dog Soldiers

No matter what you might hear in this during this podcast, just remember that this is actually episode 90, not 89.  We let you down and we're sorry.


Werewolf month continues with the only werewolf movie with a swearing werewolf that shoots people the finger.  Probably.

Ginger Snaps

To kick off werewolf month we have the classic tale of growing up, hitting puberty, and occasionally eating the guttyworks out of your neighbor's dog.  I mean we've all been there, right?

American Mary

Just when you were starting to feel somewhat less unnerved by the prospect of illegal underground body modification surgery, this movie pull out all the stops and enters the terrifying world of going to a strip club to get some shrimp.  If that isn't scary, you haven't been to enough strip clubs.