Slaughterhouse Princess

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Tetsuo the Iron Man

Often we here at Slaughterhouse Princess lament that there aren't enough black and white cyberpunk body horror movies that are not only Japanese but also have a difficult to follow story.  We no longer have that problem.


We have a movie full of drinking, fighting, infidelity, blasphemy, drug use, and demon possession.  If being a priest in real life was this fun, we'd all sign up.

The Hills Have Eyes

In honor of Wes Craven we look at one of his earlier works.  It makes you rethink the idea of a family road trip through the desert/military testing site with only two guns.

Ichi the Killer

We dive into some Japanese exploitation this time around.  It involves a sadomasochistic Yakuza boss and a guy who spends equal time crying and getting aroused by killing people.  It's that kind of movie.