Slaughterhouse Princess

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Ms.45 is the story of one woman's quest for vengeance after being sexually assaulted, by shooting as many people as possible.  Unfortunately, none of the men she shoots were responsible, but one guy did have some sweet nunchuck skills.

Carnage For The Destroyer

What happens when an ancient god called the Destroyer gets summoned into a haunted house?  Well clearly you use heavy metal magics to save humanity.  See if you can figure out who Teen Ape and Dana McBoobs are playing.


When the best thing that you can say about a movie is that there were only two scenes of people urinating, you are in for quite a ride.  A short, unpleasant ride.

Surf Nazis Must Die

We decided to ease into exploitation month with a classic Troma picture.  It's a tale of surfing, robbery, street gangs, and revenge.  And don't get us started on the synth score that really brings the whole movie together.