Slaughterhouse Princess

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The Hunger

This movie has something for everyone. There's David Bowie playing a vampire, a guy roller dancing, and a monkey death match.  Still not convinced?  How about Willem Dafoe in his defining role as 2nd Phone Booth Youth.  One of those has to interest you at least a little bit.


Our new friend Mr. Troy is here to join us as we dive in to Orphan.  We learned many life lessons in this movie such as kids are kinda dicks, you can kill a bird with a paintball gun, and that CCH Pounder might have the coolest name ever.


This week we bring you thought provoking insight on the underlying meaning behind Neverlake.  Just kidding, we mainly drank and made fun of orphans.

Bloody Reunion

This week a film that was equal parts confusing and entertaining.  Or it might be that it was subtitled and we drank too much.  A fun game to play as you listen, see if you can tell when the dog knocked over the bookcase while we were recording.