Slaughterhouse Princess

Slaughterhouse Princess header image 1


This weeks movie come from your friends and ours over at Horrorshow Hot Dog.  They bring us a movie with a bad musical number, Canadian redneck sheriffs, and an underground city full of monsters.  There are so many monsters.


What is there to say about C.H.U.D.?  It stars three people that would go on to be in Home Alone movies, has John Goodman's stirring performance as cop in diner, and something about radioactive sewer zombies that are eating the homeless.

Witching and Bitching

We are treated to an opening with a silver Jesus, SpongeBob, a kid with two revolvers, and several other street performers committing an armed robbery.  If that isn't a good enough reason to keep watching, then all hope for society is lost.

The Conjuring

We start off the new year right with our shortest podcast ever.  There were creepy dolls, jump scares, and hidden basements.  It also might be the longest movie we have done to date, or at least it felt that way.