Slaughterhouse Princess

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Slumber Party Massacre

We dive deep into classic film this week and come up with a timeless classic.  It has everything a stereotypical 80's slasher needs boobs, bad acting, murder by power tools, and high school girls that all look to be at least 25. 

Session 9

Due to an unfortunate accident involving asbestos, this week's episode is a little shorter than usual.  Sorry.  We did manage to cram in the same amount of swear words as a normal episode though, so maybe you won't notice.

Walled In

What secrets could lie inside the an apartment complex built in a deserted wasteland, aside from why build such a thing in the first place?  Only a demolition expert aided by a slightly gropey teenager and his dog can find out.

Black Christmas (2006)

Happy Halloween!  Let's watch a Christmas movie to celebrate!  If incest, mental institutions, unpleasant college girls, and eyeball removal don't spell Christmas for you, then I don't know what to say.