Slaughterhouse Princess

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Ninja Scroll

We kick off Anime August with a classic tale of a wandering samurai defending the countryside from evil and some real problematic depictions of several things.

Neon Demon, The

Not to be confused with just any old Neon Demon, this is THE Neon Demon. You can tell because of all the Mountain Pumas.

Night of Something Strange

We got a request from our number one fan Todd this week and to celerbrate we have a special guest, intermittent audio issues due to Skype.

Night of the Lepus

We round out accidental animal based non-consecutive 3 weeks out of the month month with a movie about rabbits. Scary, scary rabbits.

Nightwatch - Daywatch

Due to technical issues last week, we bring you a double feature this week.  It's twice the movies and two-thirds the hosts, which works out to about an average podcast.

Night of the Living Dead

For our 100th episode, we did something a bit wacky. We recorded us watching Night of the Living Dead. It's our best attempt at a Rifftrax. We hope you enjoy, and thank you all for listening. We can't wait to have another 100 episodes for you.

If streaming video isn't your bag, just start the movie at 3:30 into the podcast. You can even listen to the audio track like a regular podcast.


When the best thing that you can say about a movie is that there were only two scenes of people urinating, you are in for quite a ride.  A short, unpleasant ride.


This week we bring you thought provoking insight on the underlying meaning behind Neverlake.  Just kidding, we mainly drank and made fun of orphans.


This weeks movie come from your friends and ours over at Horrorshow Hot Dog.  They bring us a movie with a bad musical number, Canadian redneck sheriffs, and an underground city full of monsters.  There are so many monsters.

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