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Swamp Thing

On the recommendation of Troy, we took a look at Swamp Thing.  Did he make our hearts sing?  Did he make everything groovy?  Swamp Thing we think we love you, but we want to know for sure.


The Shining (1980)

For our 200th episode, we wanted to treat ourselves to something nice because it's only a matter of time before we let Brett pick a movie again.

We just want to thank everyone for their support whether through supporting us with some of you hard earned money, making requests, stopping by our discord, or just listening.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

In tribute to R. Lee Ermey we take a look at another one of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake/reboots/sequels/reimagings.  We also have our first instance of fact checking, probably, no one checked into it.


We take a look at what might be the least Cronenberg-ish of all the Cronenberg works, aside from the commercial he did for Nike Air 180s back in the day.  It's proto-Cronenbergian!


The Black Cat (1934)

We take it back to a simpler time this week when men always wore suits and women were carried most places.


Attack The Block

We always thought that touching an alien is a good way to get chlamydia, innit, bruv.


Shadow of the Vampire

We take it back to the old school this week not only because of the movie, but also because Troy isn't around to keep us on track.  It goes as well as you'd think.



Unlock your blanket stashes and settle in for uncomfortable confessions and flashbacks, flashbacks, flashbacks.


I Saw the Devil

In what might be a first, we had two people request the same movie.  Does that make it really good, or really bad?  Listen and find out.


Mystics in Bali

Thanks to this movie we all became confused and emotional, I guess you could say we lost our heads.

*Pause for laughter