Slaughterhouse Princess

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Hellrasier: Hellworld

You know how when you're watching Hellraiser and you say to yourself, this is OK, but it needs more of a Saw vibe and also loose ties to an MMORPG?  This movie has just what you're looking for.

Ghost Story

It's a movie starring Fred Astaire and the Borg Queen and also there are ghosts.

Luz (2018)

Hotlanta's not here this week, better get to the German art film before he gets back.


It's time to flex your subtitle muscles and learn how to play Edward VHS Hands in the traditional Greek style.

Night Of The Creeps

Get ready to scream like banshees this week as we explore the proper way to get ready for your upcoming formal dance.

The Banana Splits Movie

Tra la la, tra la la, la
Tra la la, tra la la, la
Tra la la, tra la la, la
Tra la la, tra la la, la.


Danxig made a movie. We sat through it. We're all sorry.

Trailer Park of Terror

Grab some opossum rinds and get ready for the best reason to avoid trailer parks at night since the last reason you had to do so.

The Prophecy: Forsaken

We finish up the Prophecy franchise with the final chapter.  Does it stick the landing or was it a case of trying to ice skate uphill?  Whatever happens, at least Tony Todd was there.

The Prophecy: Uprising

It's the first of the last Prophecy movies this week featuring not Benedict Cumberbatch, the girl from Sliders, and the Romanian countryside.

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