Slaughterhouse Princess

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Trailer Park of Terror

Grab some opossum rinds and get ready for the best reason to avoid trailer parks at night since the last reason you had to do so.

The Prophecy: Forsaken

We finish up the Prophecy franchise with the final chapter.  Does it stick the landing or was it a case of trying to ice skate uphill?  Whatever happens, at least Tony Todd was there.

The Prophecy: Uprising

It's the first of the last Prophecy movies this week featuring not Benedict Cumberbatch, the girl from Sliders, and the Romanian countryside.

The Prophecy III

We reach the halfway point in our Prophecy movie marathon and the end of Christopher Walken being in them.  It looks like it's all downhill from here.

The Prophecy II

The second installment of the Prophecy series gives us more violent angel hallucinations, mid tier celebrities, and the addition of half-angel babies.  Will the second one convert you or will it keep you as a non-believer?

The Prophecy

It's all Prophecy all the time this month as we take a look at all of the Prophecy movies.  Are we off to a good start, or is it a bad omen for the rest of the month.

Under The Skin

If you thought that there weren't enough scenes of people asking for directions in the last few movies we watched, then do we have good news for you.

Over Your Dead Body

This was directed by Takashi Miike who also directed Yakuza Apocalypse and Audition.  This movie sure isn't either of those.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

The original title of this movie was The Return of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  We just wanted everyone to know that.


What if Superman was bad might not sound like a horror movie, but rest assured it gets pretty wild when it wants.

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