Slaughterhouse Princess

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This week we take a moment to reflect on whether we could see ourselves acting the same way if we were in that situation.


Hotlanta returns so we can finally watch Madman like he requested, so it's probably going to be bad.

Macabre (2009)

This Indonesian movie gives a compelling reason to never help a stranger, unless you're into the giving and receiving violence.


It took quite a while but we finally got around to watching this recommendation from Mr. Green(e).  It's not you, it's us.  We just needed some time to kinda find ourselves, you know?


Grab some garlic and cover your living room in gaudy wallpaper as we a look at one of George Romero's hidden gems this thanks to Dummyact.

Mum and Dad

We accidentally watch a movie that features Christmas right before the Holiday Season is upon us.  Thanks Mr. Green for the save.

Maximum Overdrive

"This movie really changed my feelings on the musical stylings of ACDC" - Brett

Mystics in Bali

Thanks to this movie we all became confused and emotional, I guess you could say we lost our heads.

*Pause for laughter


This movie reminds us of an undeniable, universal truth, kids will always think that a person with an eye patch is a pirate.


This movie is just like Gremlins, with all of the charm and quality replaced by terrible jokes, awful acting, and a story that is as bad as it is hard to follow.

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