Slaughterhouse Princess

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The Last Starfighter

Get your quarters ready as we take a look at why being good at anything could really be a trap set by aliens.

The Lawnmower Man

The scariest thing about this movie is that the Director's Cut, which we watched, is almost two and a half hours long.  Yikes.

The Lost Boys

Remember a time where anything anybody was wearing in this movie was considered "hip" or "cool" or "ok to wear in pubic".  We do.  The 80's sure were a time.

Also, sorry for the sound, Troy wasn't here to tell us.

Little Otik

We had to scour the depths of the internet to be able to bring to you the touching tale of a log monster that like to eat. Think Little Shop of Horrors meets Pinocchio by way of the Czech Republic, but not exactly.

Little Evil

This movie is what happens when you take one part Problem Child, add in some Rosemary's Baby, and garnish with just a dash of AC/DC guitarist Angus Young.


We take a look at Leviathan this week, not the one about the North American fishing industry or the Russian one based loosely based on the guy who went on a rampage with a modified bulldozer, but the one about undersea mining.

The Last Vampire on Earth

Russ Ross Applesauce reminds us this week why we approach anything he suggests with cautious optimism, and are justified in doing so.

Lumberjack Man

This movie proves the old adage, revenge is a dish best served on a giant stack of pancakes coated in the blood of the church camp kids you murdered so you can gain super demon powers.

Let Me In

We travel back through the mists of time to 1983 this week for the American version of Let the Right One In.  If nothing else, it has more kids wearing masks in their underwear while holding knives creeply watching their neighbors with a telescope than the original movie.

Let The Right One In

In this touching story of bullying and vampire love we all learn that we don't know much about Sweden, aside from what we learned watching The Muppets.

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