Slaughterhouse Princess

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As Above, So Below

Have you ever thought to yourself, man Dante's Inferno would be better with a National Treasure subplot.  No?  Just us?  Fair enough.

Anna and the Apocalypse




We watched the movie After.Life, not to be confused with the website which seems to be some kind of electro dance outfit.  Not that you would be confused unless you thought this was some kind of website review podcast.


Ever wondered what Lost would be like if it had a lower budget, was a movie instead of a TV series, and was way more focused on the collapse of the entire constructs of heaven and hell?  This movie, I mean why else would we bring it up?

American Psycho 2

We would say this is clearly cashing in on the American Psycho name, but that implies that this movie made any money.

Attack The Block

We always thought that touching an alien is a good way to get chlamydia, innit, bruv.

Attack on Titan

Welcome to our first, and possibly only, installment of Movies Troy Saw on an Airplane, where we watch a movie that Troy saw while flying on an airplane.

Altered States

Drugs, so easy a caveman could do them.

Army of Darkness

We wrap up on the original Evil Dead  trilogy this week.  It's the least horror movie of the bunch but what it lacks in horror it makes up for in stop motion skeletons and Ash quips.


This movie features a person in a burlap sack eating vomit from a dog bowl, as well as some sort of Audition.